List of Non Disney Princess Movies (Online)

Non Disney Princess Movies


We all know Disney princesses, however not all princess movies are from that franchise. There are many other princesses that have been produced by different companies over time and that also present us with unforgettable princesses, such is the case of Princess Odette with the movie series The Swan Princess, she suffers from having a spell that turns her into swan, little by little we will know more about her and her friends in 10 movies of this princess.

We also have little Thumbelina, a princess whose story has become a generational classic thanks to tiny size with which she was born. More recently, we have met the princess of the fairies: the incomparable TinkerBell who with her adventures in a magical world, fills the screen with color accompanied by other unique fairies.

We cannot forget Princess Mila who in The Stolen Princess offers us a lesson in strength and love. The princesses of terror: the Monster High couldn’t be missing from our list and of course those princesses who have made their appearance in the flesh as in Ever After: A Cinderella Story or The Princess Bride that despite being old movies, preserves the magic!!! We all love about princess movies.

Live them and enjoy them!
Thumbelina (1994)
Anastasia (1997)