List of Disney Princess Movies (Live-Action)

Disney Princess Movies (Live-Action)


Live action is a technique by which, animated characters, become interpreted by people of flesh and blood, and characterized as the original drawings. So when we have a “human” actor characterizing an animated being, we call it live action. If someone knows how to do business with the movies, it’s Disney: say what you want, but it usually sweeps the box office with your proposals; that is why Disney discovered that classic tales with some current production are usually a good business. This remake boom began with Alice in Wonderland, but since the launch of Maleficent, the studio releases at least one of these tapes per year. And it seems that he does not intend to stop, because he has planned more tapes of this style. It is true that some Disney live action have been more successful than others. But we can’t deny that the study has already found a winning formula. That is why he already has in the inkwell the following tapes with which he intends to dominate at the box office.

Many Disney movies of Live Action are at an early stage of production but most of the Disney princesses have their human version. Many girls dream of becoming a Disney princess after watching the different movies. Disney continued to feed our fantasy by bringing these classics to the live action versions and turning the princesses into girls of flesh and blood. These new productions were very successful at the box office and the actresses were chosen carefully to ensure a similarity with the original princesses.

Live them and enjoy them!
Maleficent (2014)
Cinderella (2015)
Aladdin (2019)
Mulan (2020)